Create automations to save money and time while boasting sales. Acres Media can provide a customized tailored solution for your business.

Nurturing and Warming Your Leads

It’s hard and to get leads in the first place. And when you do get them, there’s a 90% chance they are not ready to buy your service immediately. Therefore, it’s important to have a system to follow up and engage them. It’s even better if you can do it at scale and do it automatically and not even have to think about it. Combine email, text, calendar, social media, webinars and more into this nurturing process. Nurturing leads correctly to increase sales can take countless hours and can be very frustrating. Let us help you today.
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Social Media Post Automation

Consumer are very engaged with social media. Many of them based the quality of a business service or product offering on how engaged and helpful business are on social media. In addition, social media algorithms favor more active business and post. Thus showing these post and business to potential leads. To get more engagement and sales, automate your social media with us.
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Ecommerce Store

If you’re selling any products or service in a brick and motor setting, consider also selling online and extending your reach. No more manually emailing your customers paypal or vemno account. Have the entire experience automatic where customers can find what they want, the reviews for it, purchase it and have it delivered to them on time without anything slipping though your hands. Ecommerce is supposed to help you increase sales and profit automatically, not give you more problems to worry about.
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Appointment Booking System

Do you run a service and often get over booked or spend a lot of time managing reschedules or no shows? There’s an easier way to do it. Set up an automated system to where your clients receive notification via email or text message, so the chances of no show are greatly reduced. In addition, have a system that allows them to reschedule in another available time slot. Don’t focus on managing your appointments, instead focus on running your business. Let us set up a customize system for you.
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Help and Customer Service

I do you spend a lot of time to answer customer questions and emails online? Do you hire a lot of staff answering tickets? We can help you build a knowledge base that is searchable so your customers can self-help themselves much faster.
Usually 70-80% of customer support questions are the same and can be predicted ahead of time. Let us help you set up a bot that allows a customer to feel that they are chatting with you, but it’s actually we automated robot we set up ahead of time.
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