If you are a small business owner or a budding blogger, you need to bring your website to everyone's notice. How should you do that? Pretty Simple! Search for a web hosting plan, sit back, and relax.

A web host is that friend you need the most while planning an event, which you cannot host due to your stage fear. Though it is not the stage here, your website has to speak on your behalf and represent your brand.

The web host looks after your website and hosts it so that anyone who is on the lookout for similar services you are offering comes across your page and approaches you.

Opting for a reliable and highly-responsive web host is crucial for your business' benefit. There are many web hosting plans available, but how to decide which one is the best?

We have shown up with this excellent article to help you pick out the best website hosting plans. Here, we will familiarize you with the essential factors you need to consider and how you can spot out the best web host.

So, let's not waste more time and delve deeper to come with the hidden gem!

How Does a Web Host help you?

While you have your excellent website ready to go on the digital platform, the web host helps you with the entire process. It hosts your website on the internet and enables potential customers to reach you.

Though it is a significant chunk of the job, they also provide you certain other features. You must be having these on your system, but by using a web host, your job becomes quite manageable and reduces to a significant extent.

Let's look at the different components offered to you by the web host provider.

  1. Website server

You might have noticed that if a page doesn't open, a message appears on the screen that says "server error." This server is the place where the website hosting provider hosts your website. It looks after all the online activities and manages the traffic also.

  1. Domain name

It is the domain name that enables the target audience to land on your page. The web hosting provider offers you this feature to not waste your time looking for a suitable name for your domain. What if it is taken by another service provider?

Don't worry. Your web host provider will also let you know about the same to have a backup if your existing choice cannot be used.

  1. Storage space

The storage space is like the storeroom at your house where you store all your supplies. The web host you will opt for will also provide you with an additional storage space where you can keep your website's supplies, namely the images, coding, and other media files.

These are some of the benefits or perks you may say that a website hosting provider offers you. These perks are more or less the same in every web host's list and hence don't make much difference.

How to pick a website hosting plan?

Many considerations go into picking out the best website hosting plan that you can rely on for your website. After all, you need good traffic and increase your sales!

Since there are plenty available in the big pond, you have to ponder several factors to fish out the suitable one. Listed below are some factors that may affect your choice of web hosting plan. Hence, read them all carefully to make an appropriate choice.

What type of website do you want to get hosted? 

It can be a shared hosting or a virtual private server, and there are many types of hosting plans available to cater to all your requirements. Before you blindly pick out anyone, get to know what each of them holds.

Shared hosting: Suitable for small sites

Imagine sharing a room with several others! All the amenities have to be shared, and there will be visitors day and night, which might be disturbing for you.

Since a website gets hosted on a server, it affects your business if it is shared. The storage space, the server, and the domain name, everything will be shared amongst everyone. 

Though the shared hosting servers are cost-effective and suitable for small sites, they might hamper your sales.

However, if your business has just picked up the pace and not much traffic is getting directed to your site, you can opt for this plan to gain experience and then upgrade later.

Virtual Private Server (VPS): Ideal for growing sites

So now, in this plan, you occupy the entire room and have to share nothing with others. You get all the storage space, a dedicated domain, and many more facilities.

The VPS plan supports a large amount of traffic, bound to be witnessed in a fast growing website. A fast and seamlessly working website with no interruptions gets more attention and traffic, and the VPS plan helps you.

Though it is a bit overboard in monetary terms, it provides you everything that you need to expand your business further and make a big name in the market.

Do you need a certification for your website or want to operate it without one?

Certification is necessary irrespective of your need. You might not need one, but your customer will look for it before doing any activity on your website.

The certification that these web host providers offer is known as the SSL certification. This certification encrypts everything present on your website. There are many benefits of having this certification.

  • Your page ranks higher on the google search results.
  • Customers are more likely to visit your page because the certification gives them a sense of reliability.
  • Hackers cannot access any information from your page because every detail is encrypted from end to end.

Hence, you must have the SSL certification for your website to win your customer's trust and make a benchmark in the industry while preventing others from stealing your ideas.

How to select a web hosting provider based on your resource requirements?

Since you will be using a web host for looking after the entire hosting process, you need to look for some features that indicate your web host's potential.

Understand it this way! You are renting a boat for crossing a river. You want to be safe, and for that, you need to ensure that the boat is suitable for you. To confirm, you will look at its capacity, size, and other factors.

Similarly, to host your website and run it, you will have to opt for the host to suit your needs. Listed below are the factors that you should consider before choosing any web host.  

  1. Disk Space

The disk space is a crucial consideration because you will be storing all your website's media files and codings. For a big website with many elements, you will need a web host that supports huge disk space and vice versa.

  1. Email addresses

The employees in your firm will need official email addresses that would end with your website's name. So, before you opt for any web host, you should always keep a count of the official email addresses that you will need to run your business successfully.

  1. Bandwidth

The bandwidth should support the amount of traffic your website is experiencing. If your web host's bandwidth is less and the traffic on your website is more, the site will crash frequently. Hence, consider the bandwidth while selecting a suitable web hosting provider.

What to consider while in a web hosting provider before opting for it?

By now, you must have shortlisted the web hosting plans that you found suitable for yourself. Wait! You need to consider more critical aspects of those shortlisted plans. What are they? Let's find out!

  1. Quality web hosting training

While you have opted for a web hosting plan, you should know how the hosting process works. This basic understanding will enable you to rectify the small issues which may crop up suddenly, and you won't have to seek help from the support always.

  1. Service plans

What if they tell you that they offer unlimited plans, but the reality turns out to be bitter? To escape this dark situation and be well learned, you should always read the web hosting plan's terms and conditions. This thorough reading will provide you a clear picture of what you can avail yourself of.

  1. Extra support

What if you face some maintenance problems? Your time will be wasted on rectifying it! When you are using a web hosting plan, it should also offer you additional services to look after your website's maintenance.

These services should include updating the software, bug fixation, and data backups regularly. If your chosen plan offers you this extra support, you need not look for any other plan.

Why option smaller firm is better than big company?

Your web host should be responsive, and it should be effortless to reach them whenever you step into any trouble. They should be highly efficient to solve all your issues and keep your website running.

These aspects should be considered before opting for any web hosting plan irrespective of its popularity. It is a common phenomenon that people blindly trust the popular providers and neglect the underrated ones.

However, they ignore that even the small firms are equally good and offer the same benefits and services that the big fishes do.

Since we are here with this article to introduce you to the correct facts and make you aware of them, let's take a look at what the small firms have to offer you and whether you should opt for them or not. Also, we will let you know how they make a difference in your web hosting experience.

  1. Cost-effective and quality services

While the popular ones offer you the same services as the small firms do, they might lack quality. Since they are popular, many people opt for them, making them incapable of handling everyone with equal attention and providing services equally.

While the popular ones are engaged, the small firms with their best deals waiting for you stay unnoticed. You should take some time off and check out their deals and plans because fewer people opt for them, and they have many services to offer.

With an affordable plan, you can get high-quality service, and all your needs will be taken care of with full dedication.

  1. Fulfill your requirements

You might have often seen some big, well-established company advertising a popular hosting provider, but have you ever seen them promoting a small provider?

The mainstream providers tend to cater to big companies and businesses' needs to make a profit and become more popular while neglecting their individual customer's needs.

It means that if you are a small business owner, you will have a difficult time getting the resources you require by opting for a prominent provider. It is not the case with small providers because they don't work to make profits.

They take individual needs seriously and hence work towards your requirements and help you achieve your goals. While the big providers might lack some features that you may need, the small firms will always have them for you.

  1. Better customer support

With fewer customers in presence, everyone can get the desired support and services. You won't have to line up in the queue and wait till the big ones resolve their issues. It is the most significant benefit that you gain by opting for a small firm.

It also helps you to get your issues resolved quickly and increase your performance. The big providers do their best but lack in this field because of the huge presence of customers.

Wrapping up

Website hosting plans are quite effortless to pick if you know your requirements. You only need to consider some key aspects, and you get the desired plan.

While you may be tempted to opt for the popular ones and might get into a fix while choosing between the two, you should remember that it all comes down to your needs and the quality of service.

The big providers might have many aspects in them, but it might be difficult for them to cater to all your needs since everyone goes for them. On the other hand, the small firms offer you the same benefit but with excellent quality because they get the chance to look after every individual.

Hence, you should check both options before opting for any of them. Choose the plan that you find suitable for you and is likely to support you in the best possible way.

Are you just done setting up your business and providing services to your customers? The next step is to get a logo design for your brand. We will enrich you with everything you need to know about logos and make your brand stand out. You can find several services for almost every service and product.

If a business succeeds, it does not take time to turn a monopoly into an oligopoly. A logo will be one of your business's essential parts, for it is what will give a unique identification to your brand.

Types of Logos
Before creating a logo, it is vital to understand the different styles and types of logos. Once you are acquainted with the styles, you will choose the best one for your brand. We have sorted the types of logos for you to go through.

Monogram Logos

Monograms are made by combining letters to produce a new design. A lot of popular brands such as Hewlett Packard (hp), Lucky-Goldstar(LG), General Electric (GE), Chanel, Gucci use monogram styled logos to add beauty to their services. These brands are more known by their logos than by their original names. Monogram logos have a simplistic look about them, but it takes a lot of work to get them ready.

These logos are usually made from one to three letters and form acronyms to the company's name. The monogram style flourished in the late 1800s, and their popularity grows for the value they give to the brands. Their origin dates back to older times in history when people used to get their initials painted or printed.

Monograms are suitable for brands that have hard to pronounce names and can be identified with acronyms by the consumers.

Abstract logos

Abstract logos are a beautiful use of contrasts and design to make a logo for the brand. These logos are appealing to the eyes and become more than a design for the brands. Abstract logos are made from shapes and patterns to symbolize the brand. Spotify, Reebok, Pepsi, Microsoft Windows are some of the examples with abstract designs for their logos. 
Those designs have become identifications of the brands. The brands with simple-sounding names usually use these kinds of logos.


Next comes the emblem logo, which combines text and symbol in its design. If you remember the chest symbol of Superman, you know precisely what an emblem logo looks like. The emblem is rich in graphics in inclusion to the letters or text.

Emblem logos usually add a vintage touch to the logo, but they can express a lot more emotions. The symbols of Harley Davidson, Harvard University, Starbucks, Ford, BMW, and Warner Bros are famous examples of Emblem logos. They include graphics and design in addition to the name or acronyms of the brands. Super


Have you seen the logo of Google? That is what a wordmark is. A wordmark is the name of the brand made into its logo without any symbols or badges. Google, Sony, Coca Cola, Kelvin Klein are popular brands using wordmarks for their brands.

The wordmarks are simplistic logos that are made from the brand name themselves. They are best for companies with simple names so that people do not need acronyms to pronounce them. These logos are best for new businesses and brands to build up their name in the market.

Pictorial marks

Pictorial marks are a great way to make easy logos rhyming with the name of the brand. Think of the logo of apple. Does not the logo speak for itself without the need for text or the name of the brand? This symbol is how the pictorial representation of logos look like.

The graphical representation of the brand name makes up the logo of the brand. Apple and Twitter are great examples of the use of pictorial mark logos. Visual marks are very straightforward logos that do an excellent task of representing the brand.

How to make your brand stand out with a logo?

No matter how simple the logo looks, its design and color take a lot of work. The contrast and color of the logo can make a world of difference in the logo. Imagine the Google logo all black and white, and you would identify the importance of the right choice of colors.

The same is true with the contrast used by the designers. The color and contrast of the logo would be finalized after a lot of experimentation. The logo will represent the brand for decades, and there is no reason not to pay enough attention to these details of the logo.

The colors carry meanings attached to themselves, and it is a big deal when you want to raise a particular emotion in the consumers. Open the following link if you wish to know the colors' working and their meanings in detail. https://www.tailorbrands.com/logo-maker/logo-colors


A logo does not carry significant power to transform your business entirely, but it is an indication that your brand holds value for you. It is one of the first steps you should take to make your business and brand big and successful. Choose the type of logo that will best represent your services and appeal to the users. All of the types carry a different kind of appeal associated with them, but they all can be used to create potent symbols that the world would recognize your brand with. A logo should not be taken lightly and made in a hurry. The way you do every little thing will decide whether your brand will gain popularity among the consumers. The logo will be your brand's companion for maybe even decades or centuries, so why would you not want it to be the best representation of your brand? We hope that this article served the purpose, and now you are ready to get a logo designed for your company. Have a great time making your brand stand out with your logo.

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