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We are extremely active in investing in digital assets to add to our growing portfolio. We are looking for:
Strong domain names with good link profile
E-commerce store
Income producing sites
Social media accounts such as an Instagram with many followers that are engaged
Anything else that may have strong potential yet no income

Reasons why you would want to sell to us

You didn’t start your business to worry about the latest and greatest technology and marketing to keep your pipeline full and sales high.

Fast Sale

We have the ability to buy sites quickly if it passes our due diligence. Sometimes you can have the full amount within 72 hours depending on whether you choose to go with a direct sell or list on our marketplace.

Guaranteed Sale

After your site goes through our due diligence process, you can have a guarantee sale by selling directly to us, or you can list on our marketplace for a chance to sell your site.

Easy Hand Off

When you sell your site directly to us there is no hand holding/ongoing training that you need to do post sale, which saves you time. If you list on the marketplace and it sells, you will need to provide a 20 day support to the new owner.

Listing Fee & Success Fees

By going with our direct sale option, we don’t charge a success fee or a listing fee meaning you get to keep more of your money. If you choose our marketplace option, there is no listing fee, only a 15% success fee for sites listed above $20,000 and 20% for sites listed under $20,000.

Fair Market Price

We buy sites at a fair market value, which means you won’t get ripped off or given a low ball offer. You also have the option to list on our marketplace.

Non Invasive Due Diligence

No wasted time on multiple repetitive calls, no annoying questions, our knowledgeable team can do most of the due diligence quickly.

Have something we might like?

We would love to hear all about it. Please so contact us
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Steps to sell your asset to us


Submit Form for Evaluation

In order to find out what your site is worth, you will need to fill out the evaluation form with details such as URL, profit, Google Analytics, etc.. Once the form is completed our team will review and get back to you.


Our Team will Reach Out

After you submit your information, the site will go into our due diligence process. Our team will reach out if they need more information from you, if the site doesn't pass our due diligence or with an offer.


Buyer Agreement

After we agree on either a direct sale to us or a marketplace listing, we will then send you an agreement to sign. If it's a marketplace site, after the agreement is signed, we will create the listing page and post it on our site and send it via email.


Back Up Site and Transfer to Us

If you are doing a direct sale, we will start the transfer process right after the agreement is signed. If you are doing the marketplace sale, we will wait until the site is purchased before we start the transfer process.


Domain Successfully Transferred

Once the site is transferred and the backup is successfully uploaded we will send over the funds.

Buy assets in our network

An asset acquisition is the purchase of a company by buying its assets instead of its stock. In most jurisdictions, an asset acquisition typically also involves an assumption of certain liabilities. However, because the parties can bargain over which assets will be acquired and which liabilities will be assumed, the transaction can be far more flexible in its structure and outcome than a merger, combination, or stock purchase.
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If you’re looking for assets to purchase, please reach out to us. We likely know someone looking to sell that we can connect you with. Please tell us what you are wanting.
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Invest with us

If you have an asset that you feel is too good to sell, but want to partner with our team to help you take it to the next level. We would love to talk to you about how we can team up to make this dream a reality.
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