Types of Logos and How to Make Your Brand Standout

February 17, 2021

Are you just done setting up your business and providing services to your customers? The next step is to get a logo design for your brand. We will enrich you with everything you need to know about logos and make your brand stand out. You can find several services for almost every service and product.

If a business succeeds, it does not take time to turn a monopoly into an oligopoly. A logo will be one of your business's essential parts, for it is what will give a unique identification to your brand.

Types of Logos
Before creating a logo, it is vital to understand the different styles and types of logos. Once you are acquainted with the styles, you will choose the best one for your brand. We have sorted the types of logos for you to go through.

Monogram Logos

Monograms are made by combining letters to produce a new design. A lot of popular brands such as Hewlett Packard (hp), Lucky-Goldstar(LG), General Electric (GE), Chanel, Gucci use monogram styled logos to add beauty to their services. These brands are more known by their logos than by their original names. Monogram logos have a simplistic look about them, but it takes a lot of work to get them ready.

These logos are usually made from one to three letters and form acronyms to the company's name. The monogram style flourished in the late 1800s, and their popularity grows for the value they give to the brands. Their origin dates back to older times in history when people used to get their initials painted or printed.

Monograms are suitable for brands that have hard to pronounce names and can be identified with acronyms by the consumers.

Abstract logos

Abstract logos are a beautiful use of contrasts and design to make a logo for the brand. These logos are appealing to the eyes and become more than a design for the brands. Abstract logos are made from shapes and patterns to symbolize the brand. Spotify, Reebok, Pepsi, Microsoft Windows are some of the examples with abstract designs for their logos. 
Those designs have become identifications of the brands. The brands with simple-sounding names usually use these kinds of logos.


Next comes the emblem logo, which combines text and symbol in its design. If you remember the chest symbol of Superman, you know precisely what an emblem logo looks like. The emblem is rich in graphics in inclusion to the letters or text.

Emblem logos usually add a vintage touch to the logo, but they can express a lot more emotions. The symbols of Harley Davidson, Harvard University, Starbucks, Ford, BMW, and Warner Bros are famous examples of Emblem logos. They include graphics and design in addition to the name or acronyms of the brands. Super


Have you seen the logo of Google? That is what a wordmark is. A wordmark is the name of the brand made into its logo without any symbols or badges. Google, Sony, Coca Cola, Kelvin Klein are popular brands using wordmarks for their brands.

The wordmarks are simplistic logos that are made from the brand name themselves. They are best for companies with simple names so that people do not need acronyms to pronounce them. These logos are best for new businesses and brands to build up their name in the market.

Pictorial marks

Pictorial marks are a great way to make easy logos rhyming with the name of the brand. Think of the logo of apple. Does not the logo speak for itself without the need for text or the name of the brand? This symbol is how the pictorial representation of logos look like.

The graphical representation of the brand name makes up the logo of the brand. Apple and Twitter are great examples of the use of pictorial mark logos. Visual marks are very straightforward logos that do an excellent task of representing the brand.

How to make your brand stand out with a logo?

No matter how simple the logo looks, its design and color take a lot of work. The contrast and color of the logo can make a world of difference in the logo. Imagine the Google logo all black and white, and you would identify the importance of the right choice of colors.

The same is true with the contrast used by the designers. The color and contrast of the logo would be finalized after a lot of experimentation. The logo will represent the brand for decades, and there is no reason not to pay enough attention to these details of the logo.

The colors carry meanings attached to themselves, and it is a big deal when you want to raise a particular emotion in the consumers. Open the following link if you wish to know the colors' working and their meanings in detail. https://www.tailorbrands.com/logo-maker/logo-colors


A logo does not carry significant power to transform your business entirely, but it is an indication that your brand holds value for you. It is one of the first steps you should take to make your business and brand big and successful. Choose the type of logo that will best represent your services and appeal to the users. All of the types carry a different kind of appeal associated with them, but they all can be used to create potent symbols that the world would recognize your brand with. A logo should not be taken lightly and made in a hurry. The way you do every little thing will decide whether your brand will gain popularity among the consumers. The logo will be your brand's companion for maybe even decades or centuries, so why would you not want it to be the best representation of your brand? We hope that this article served the purpose, and now you are ready to get a logo designed for your company. Have a great time making your brand stand out with your logo.

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